Peoria Christian School Directory


Dr. Angie Lyons


309-686-4500 ext. 212

Jeremy Garrett

High School Principal

309 - 686-4500 ext. 225

Ron Shobert

Middle School Principal

309-686-4500 ext. 312

Sandy Wiele

Elementary School Principal

309-686-4500 ext. 221

Gideon Bicksler

Business Office Manager

309-686-4500 ext. 216

Cory Hynek

Athletic Director/Boys Varsity Soccer

309-686-4500 ext. 237

Jason Miller

IT Director/Boys Varsity Golf/Boys Varsity Baseball

Pat Prosser

Director of Communications & Admissions

309-686-4500 ext. 218

Justin Rumley

Spiritual Life Director/HS Spiritual Life Coordinator


Faculty and Staff


Sandy Ackerman

Welcome Center

Mary Claire AndersonHigh School

Mary Claire Anderson

High School Language Arts

Brian Backstrom

Elementary PE, 7th/8th PE & Athletic Director Assistant/MS Girls Volleyball

Tina Backstrom

PK-4 Aide

Luke BakerHigh School History

Luke Baker

High School History Teacher

Derek Belcher

Facilities Manager

Renee Bomgarden

Elementary Resource

Kate Bordeaux

Fourth Grade Teacher

Becca Bowen

First Grade Teacher

Karen CampbellMiddle School

Karen Campbell

Middle School Librarian

Jana Chambers

Welcome Center

Michelle Collins

Kindergarten Aide

Dr. Gloria Cox

Student Service Mentor

Stephanie CoxMiddle and High School

Stephanie Cox

Middle and High School P.E.

Jamie-Noel Crow

High School Resource

Kaci Damerell

Welcome Center

Rachel Downing

High School Guidance Counselor/HS Student Council Advisor

309-686-4500 ext.223

Mindy Duez

Kindergarten Teacher

Maribel Echevarria

PK-4 Teacher

Ethyl Edwards

International Homestay/Student Advocate

Cliff Elliott

High School Media Center Monitor

Linda Elliott

High School English

Maria Elvir

High School Spanish/Art/Elementary Art

Fred Fox

P.E/5th/6th Bible

Jenny Friday


Tobey Hauter

High School Science

Christy Herrmann

Second Grade Teacher/Elementary Spiritual Life Coordinator

Karen Hutchins

Admissions Coordinator/Homestay Coordinator

309-686-4500 ext. 217

Holly Kilkenny

Elementary Library/Computers

Rachel Killinger

High School Administrative Assistant

309-686-4500 ext. 227

Amber McGheeElementary Music/PK

Amber Klobuchar

Elementary Music

Tracy Mann

Middle School Administrative Assistant

309-686-4500 ext. 310

Kevin Mathewson

7th/8th Bible/MS Spiritual Life Coordinator/MS Cross Country Coach

Tiffany McGinnisHigh School English/Science

Tiffany McGinnis

High School English/Science

Sara McLane

7th/8th Social Studies/Speech

Kate Miller

Events and Marketing

309-686-4500 ext. 231

Patti Mintus

7th/8th Math

Cara Occhipinti

Elementary Administrative Assistant

309-686-4500 ext. 219

Elizabeth Persinger

Kindergarten Teacher/MS Volleyball

Sarah Peterson

6th/7th/8th Science

Kathleen Pozos


309-686-4500 ext. 214

Jennie Ramsey

Middle School Computers/High School Mandarin Chinese/Tech and Worship

Rachel RetzMiddle School Band and Choir/ High School Band and

Rachel Retz

Middle School Band and Choir/ High School Band and Choir

Brittani Robertson

Elementary and Middle School Spanish

Trish Russell

PK Director

309-686-4500 ext. 230

Kellye Saad

Third Grade Teacher

Amy Sanderson

PK-3 Aide

Jasmine Sargent

Lunch Assistant - Reception

Loraine Schenck

6th History/Writing/Middle School Resource

Tom Schlich

High School Bible

Kim Scholl5th/6h Math and

Kim Scholl

5th/6h Math and Science

Tim Schoon

High School History

Stephanie Schunk

5th/6th Language Arts

Jennifer Shenefield

Kindergarten Aide

Meaghan Slevin

International Student Director

Lori Smith

High School Math

Sophia Snow

7th/8th Language Arts

Tiffany Spragg

First Grade Teacher

Colleen Stear

PK Teacher

Jennifer Sullivan

High School Math/HS Student Council Advisor

Matt Sullivan

HS Business/Charging Station Coordinator

Philip Taylor

High School Math/Consumer Ed

Julie TilsonThird Grade

Julie Tilson

Third Grade Teacher

Jenna Wachtveitl

Fourth Grade Teacher

Hannah Wallace

HS Inner Office Administrative Assistant/Athletic Administrative Assistant

309-686-4500 ext. 226

Jody Ward

Middle School Art/5th/6th RTI

Sarah Zobrist

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

309-686-4500 ext. 244



Contact Information:

Andy Wuethrich (2023)             President/Advancement Chair

Josh Waite (2025)             Vice President/Spiritual Life Chair

Ryan Palm (2025)                  Secretary/Education Chair/Buildings and Grounds Committee

Gary Shawgo (2023)                    Treasurer/Finance Chair

Tom Dahlin (2025) Finance Committee

Jordan Embree (2023)                 Spiritual Life Committee     

Jason Gama (2024)                  Athletic Chair

Bill Kwon (2024) Advancement Committee

Jay Walton (2023) Buildings and Grounds Chair